Nut-less Broccoli Summer Salad

(This recipe is dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free, and gluten-free)


A mix between a slaw and a salad, this recipe is made of all fresh ingredients, giving it a refreshing, zesty, and sweet taste. It is also as easy as chopping up the ingredients and throwing them in a bowl, with minimal dishes and mess. If you want something easy and refreshing for summer, this is the recipe for you. While this recipe is based off of another, I have simplified and refined it into a completely different dish (but as always, the original will be linked as a source). I often pair it with the Caresparagus Pasta Marinara.


Quantities for this recipe will make a medium sized batch, so consider halving it for a two-person date night, or doubling it for a party.


-       1 bag of broccoli slaw (broccoli slaw is simply precut broccoli, carrot, and red cabbage shreds. If your local store does not carry it, you will need to finely chop those 3 ingredients yourself)

-       Fresh cilantro

-       Green onion

-       Dried Cranberries

-       Lemon juice

-       Maple syrup


How to Make:

1)    Dump the broccoli slaw into a large mixing bowl. Add as many dried cranberries as you would prefer.

2)    Finely chop cilantro and green onion, then add to taste.

3)    Add a liberal splash of lemon juice and a liberal pour of maple syrup, then toss until all ingredients are coated/moistened. Taste, then add more lemon juice and maple if desired.

4)    Serve and enjoy!

Original Recipe: