The majority of my work centers on symbolic self-portraiture and self-reflection, presented in a way that audiences can relate to and find comfort in. Much as writers of mythology, folklore, and fairy tales aimed to explain the complicated universe surrounding them through metaphorical allegories, I aim to explain complex feelings and mental states through pictorial similes. Music is also a major influence, as it similarly takes vague feelings and simplifies them into memorable melodies. Psychology and mental health play strongly into my messages. I reveal my own struggles in hopes of encouraging others whom are also grappling with difficulties, thus forming connections with my audience, reminding them they are not alone. Due to this, intricate concepts and fantastical symbolism blended with realistic representations are the focus of my work.

As part of my process, overthinking plays a large role in not only creating concepts, but also pushing me to go further. Because I tend to overthink, by the time pieces are completed, they have many layers of meaning. My choice of media flows from this, often leading me to intermix multiple media into one image. The conglomeration created only further emphasizes this fusion of thoughts. Vibrant colors blending in harmony to accentuating focal points connect my body of work, regardless of media.

I have something to say, but I am not sure how to say it... when colors collide, could you see my state of mind? Could a connection be created between you and I?
— Mayson Stowers


Mayson Stowers is a studio artist from Raleigh, North Carolina. Trained in impressionistic oil painting, her work is rooted in this background, though she often pushes this and other media beyond the boundaries of traditional use. Though she hopes to pursue a MFA in the future, she currently teaches music in Raleigh and Wake Forest, as well as working with a local fashion designer as a part-time graphic designer and assistant. She has exhibited in various venues around central North Carolina and works to broadens her audience through social media.